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Converting Social Media To Educational Media

Facebook and Whatsapp have great potential to be used as Educational Media to further engage students in the learning process. Social media is a tool that teachers can use to make their classroom more engaging, relevant and culturally diverse. Through FB, A department can share/ promote its activities/events globally and can develop a strong network of subject professionals nationally and internationally.


With great efforts and pride, IMC has created Facebook pages of all the Departments and relevant audio-visual lectures / material from IMC archive are being uploaded on respective pages.  This is one of the unique experiment where in all departments have their Facebook pages along with relevant audio-visual educational resources. Faculties and other Staff at MANUU are being sensitised to make best use of various social media platforms for disseminating and reflecting the achievements and educational activities of the institute with other institutes and as well as sharing path breaking initiatives on social media platforms. 


This process is dynamic and resources will keep on growing as we produce more material and can be used for flipped class/blended mode of learning. Social media can help identify additional content to reinforce or extend core instruction. FB provides an opportunities to create a focussed group for particular subject where group can connect with best teachers in the subject all across the world, Teachers-Students may share resources for a pre-class/post-class discussion on a topic. Since students are already using social media away from the classroom, integrating it into the classroom will help students learn best practices in the subject as it offers an interesting new twist on lessons for pre-class and post-class discussions.

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