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To provide the wider access of Higher Education and promoting Urdu Language & Culture, Instructional Media Centre created IMC MANUU Youtube channel which has a repository of curriculum based audio-visual programmes of various streams like Science, Social Science, Life Science, Education and Training,  Arts and Languages etc. and these are available to masses free of cost all across the globe.

These audio-visual programmes can be accessed by the students and teachers as per their convenience at home, during travel or in live classes. Every programme has scope for discussion with teachers and other such groups even beyond national boundaries.


Besides providing curriculum based programmes, IMC MANUU YouTube Channel also caters to the general audience with wide array of Enrichment programmes, documentaries of general interest and on Urdu Language and Culture as well. Students can also access important University Events, Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums etc at Youtube  Channel.


IMC’s core functions on successfully running a YouTube channel where numerous curriculum based programmes, documentaries, knowledge capsules and other important programmes are uploaded on a daily basis with free access to anyone and everyone who subscribes to it.


Furthermore important event of the university is also being live streamed through this YouTube channel.

Aim is to serve and build a Knowledge Society and promoting Urdu Language and Culture. Dissemination of Educational and Cultural Content through YouTube Channel 
We also recognize the fact that Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions is not possible till we educate and inform every single human being on this planet. We at IMC believe that Education and information are the key factors which help an individual and a community in realising the role culture plays in human development and thus utilising their full potential for sustainable development. Recognizing the growing importance of the digital environment in the diffusion of cultural and creative content, IMC MANNU created multiple digital platforms to reach out to the audience to promote education and indegenous culture.



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