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Reaching the unreached for Large scale expansion of the knowledge & high quality education opportunities through Digital Medium

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Curriculum Based Video Lectures


3 Quadrant Self Learning Material

As a part of it's core mandate, the Instructional Media Centre facilitates production of E-Content / Electronic Media Content for the students.

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An important digital initiatives to enrich the Students community and general audience with wide array of topics which have shaped human history and are of general interest. It also aims to educate and enrich the audience about the powerful world of media, images, words and sounds.

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Covers major news and developments from the education world

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In a bid to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Urdu and to bring its diverse

flavors to the masses Instructional Media Centre has launched this Audio-Visual series titled as Urdu Nama.

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A unique concept to promote education in Urdu

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Exclusive Academic Content

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