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In the age where learning and communication are being adopted with newer ways to disseminate knowledge, the Instructional Media Centre thinks that it is of utmost importance that the aesthetics of design and dispersion of knowledge should always go hand in hand.

The IMC MANUU studio is prepped and decked up to suit the needs of modern day 'webinars'.

Team IMC has worked extensively towards providing a platform where these online events can be easily delivered without losing the essence of a live physical event, like they did in the pre-covid era.

Doing this indeed magnifies the weight of the output in terms of quality and it is only the highest form of quality in content

that IMC is always striving towards providing its viewers and followers.


Webinars & Online Learning

in the new age.

The team of professionals have come up with ways combining the traditional and modern methods of production to add finesse to the output

meeting the requirements of a professional broadcast.

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