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Dealing with a Pandemic

With the deadly Novel Corona Virus creating chaos across the globe resulting into an endless cause and effect cycle within
all the sectors of our country as well as the global economy, the education system did too take a hit.

Now, with the advent of a global crises at our doorstep.

The University Grants Commission and the Ministry of Human Resource, Government of India urged its institutions to

utilize online teaching methods to facilitate education seamlessly.

The Instructional Media Centre since it's inception has been instrumental in educational knowledge dissemination of the university

and also provides a forum for the active involvement of academics and other scholars in creation of appropriate educational programmes.

Keeping all our responsibilities in mind, we at the Instructional Media Centre came up with different programmes

to help our students and followers keep up the grind to get through these distressing times and come out of it

with a better version of themselves.

Enlightened & educated on things or activities they were not able to take up before the lockdown.

online learning_wix.jpg
RAMZAN 2020_IMC_wix.jpg

Following are a few of those initiatives 

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