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Languages and Culture have a fundamental role in a society. Through language, people preserve their community's history, customs and traditions, memory, unique modes of thinking, meaning and expression. It is a social phenomenon and a vital part of human connection. Through culture people can discover their common humanity and become free and enlightened citizens. Culture plays an important role in the process of development. 


Despite the place language and culture deserves in public policies and international cooperation there have not been  significant efforts in preserving the indegenous languages and culture. 


Urdu is a rich cultural heritage of India, Once the language of masses, Urdu is dying a slow death. The 2001 census recorded 5.15 crore Urdu speakers. But in 2011, the figure dropped to 5.07 crore. Urdu was the sixth most spoken language according to the 2001 census data, but has fallen to seventh (overtaken by Gujarati) in the 2011 census. 

With a motto of culture as a “global public good”, Urdu Nama series is an effort to virtually preserve the rich cultural heritage of Urdu language and culture and disseminate it to masses through digital media. 

In a bid to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Urdu and to bring its diverse flavors to the masses, Instructional Media Centre has launched this Audio-Visual series titled as Urdu Nama. The series is a celebration of Urdu, its rich heritage & eclectic art forms and audience will enjoy different flavors of Urdu through this series.

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