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Meet the Crew

Educational Media Professionals

A team of individuals working together to produce rich audio-visual content for educational and enrichment purposes can have a significant impact on a larger audience. With the collective expertise of diverse team members, such as instructional designers, e-content developers, producers, subject matter experts, videographers, editors and graphic designer, the team can create high-quality content that engages and informs viewers.


By leveraging technology and creative storytelling techniques, the team can deliver a multi-sensory experience that enhances the audience's learning and comprehension. Ultimately, the team's collaborative efforts can contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the betterment of society by providing accessible, engaging, and impactful educational content for all through ICT.

Team Anchor

Rizwan Ahamd

Director, IMC

Md. Shakeel Ahmad

Engineer Gr - I

Obaidullah Raihan


Dr. Mir Hashmath Ali

Production Assistant

Ayesha Begum

Professional Assistant

Satish Kumar Gupta


Minhaj Khan

Editor (Contractual)

Abdul Shukoor

MTS (Contractual)

Mohammed Mujahid Ali

Producer - I

Md. Aamir Badr

Producer - I

Shaik Rahimuddin


Dr. Mohd. Abdul Muneer

Production Assistant

Nanda Kumar


Syed Salahuddin


Shaik Deedar Ullah

D.E.O. (Contractual)

Dr. Md. Imtiyaz Alam

Research Officer

Omar Azmi

Producer - I

Mohd. Gulam Ahmed

Graphic Artist

M. Mohammed Ghouse

Production Assistant

Mahammed Gayasuddin

Technical Assistant

Shaik Manjoor


K. Mahesh

Office Attendant
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